BASF is situated in Copenhagen’s popular Kalvebod Brygge district, only a stone’s throw from the waterfront. The original location on Amager with one, two and three-person offices spurred a growing desire for bigger, more open spaces and an easy-to-access location for customers and staff alike.

But where? BASF and Scan Office looked at several premises together. With its unique views at the water’s edge, they decided on Kalvebod where Scan Office worked closely with BASF to establish a perfect setting for the company and its employees.
The task was simple: sweeping design and furnishing of the premises dispersed over two floors. From the street towards the waterfront. This involved workstations for BASF’s 110 Copenhagen employees, a number of flex workstations for visiting colleagues from departments in neighbouring countries, and of course meeting rooms, lounges and corridors.
BASF wanted a consistent Nordic design scheme throughout, with woods, natural materials and simplicity typical of the Nordic style. At the same time, the company wanted to incorporate its corporate colours as an essential feature of the interior design. This seemingly difficult juxtaposition was resolved by the Scan Office architect who put the striking colours in areas and spaces occupied temporarily. This resulted in an all-blue room, for instance, and a unique division of the interior design according to function.

As a Nordic counterweight to the slightly sharp colors, the choice fell on the innovative furniture from Steelcase

One of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers, who not only produce functional and shapely furniture, but also do so with great focus on sustainability. Sustainability was an important focal point for BASF in connection with the interior design, and therefore both flexible and stationary workplaces are equipped with solutions from Steelcase’s extensive range of standing and sitting tables, storage furniture and office chairs. All manufactured with care for the environment of materials that combine with a combination of oak veneer and Black and white steel is not only beautiful to look at, but can also be sorted and recycled. Thus, the chairs with the thoughtful name “Think” are even cradle to cradle certified.
The actual location and views of both waterfront and street were also incorporated into the interior design: BASF’s own sound-absorbing flooring “undulates” against elegant oakwood floors in the section of the building facing the water. Similarly, these same materials are laid in straight lines in the section facing the street – thus mirroring and drawing in the surroundings.

“This incredibly stimulating process took 18 months,
where Scan Office was allowed to be part of the entire process.”

“I suppose that most of all the results are Nordic with a twist!”

Architect, Karina Arve Smedegaard

The architect refers to the head office’s interior design as “Nordic with a BASF twist”

Manifested in both the flooring and the choice of furniture, which includes not only a number of renowned Nordic design-led classics from furniture manufacturers such as Fredericia Furniture and Engelbrechts, but also a specially designed, multi-purpose unit with both storage space and seating from Sorø Møbler. This created space for more unconventional solutions, such as Göttesson’s ergonomic Office Ballz and not least Kosicka’s lovely circle swings.

“The result is a modern interior with space for working and sharing knowledge,
irrespective of whether you prefer to do this at a traditional desk
or in more airy surroundings with views of sky and sea”